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£16m (€20m) Turnover+ Credit Insurance:- Credit Insurance under your control, introducing a credit insurance policy where you self underwrite ALL the limits, not the insurer.

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Trade Credit Insurance news:

Rycroft are please to announce the introduction of a Credit Insurance policy that puts the control of who you are dealing with firmly in your hands.

For companies with a turnover above £16m (€20m) who have a sound* credit management policy, Rycroft can arrange a credit insurance policy that allows you (the policyholder) greater control of your ledger rather than having to refer your accounts to the insurer for vetting all the time.

The policy is based on risk share, so the more risk you retain as a policyholder the better the premiums. Excess of Loss policies (catastrophe) are not new, however, this policy allows the holder to set the perimeters of the policy, rather than the insurer, meaning that you set the levels of loss you are comfortable with and can budget for, leaving the real and any unforeseen risk that could harm your company for the insurer.

The real benefit here is that you get to keep more of the premiums that would normally be allocated, meaning that you can quickly build up a better bad debt reserve whilst trading in the knowledge that your company has minimised the risk associated with bad debts.

The difference with this policy over others available is that the limits are not set and controlled by the insurance company, they are regulated by the policy holder, by an independent third party (where a credit reference agency is used as part of the normal credit control procedures) and by the buyers good conduct, i.e. the better the buyers accounts and the way they pay their suppliers, the better their available credit rating, thereby negating the instances where the insurer is already fully committed to the buyers accounts.

At last, an insurer that puts you back in control. Read More.......


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Trade Credit Insurance under your control, introducing a credit insurance policy where you self underwrite ALL the limits, not the insurer.