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Rycroft Associates


Using Rycroft Associates brings you the following benefits at no extra cost to you: -
Many years of credit management experience
Negotiating the best 'New Business' and 'Renewal' terms available
Personal Service with 'Experienced' staff
Free help and advice on all matters relating to any credit management issue's
We conduct a yearly market review (in order to check that you are already getting competitive terms), which saves you the time and effort of filling in 5 or 6 different forms in order to get comparisons from different providers.

We can intervene as required to help in obtaining better cover or obtaining information in order to re-approach the insurer to negotiate a limit (for credit insurance).

We can also conduct a regular review of your credit management functions to ensure that you are trading within the insurer's terms and conditions or consult with the insurer if the policy needs to be altered so it fits within your day to day credit management routines (a credit insurance policy should enhance, not restrict your ability to trade).

Assistance with any claim submission, we can pre-vet the claim and then submit it on your behalf.

We can arrange top up cover if and when required.

We can advise you about other types of credit insurance policies - other than whole turnover.

Apply for limits on your behalf should you have a system breakdown or are away on holiday or can guide staff in your absence as to what procedures need to be followed.

It is additionally useful to be able to talk to an independent body, before talking to the insurer, whether to discuss a scenario that you are encountering or whether it is advice on how to get the best from your insurer, plus it is comforting to know that there is someone to oversee or spot potential pitfalls.

We also go to the whole of the credit insurance market when seeking cover, not just those insurers who pay the best commission rates.

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